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Comet Ison observing dates of interest

18 October 2013 - Ison / Mars Conjunction

Ison conjunction with Mars

On the 18th October 2013 Comet Ison will be in conjunction with Mars. The pair will be approx a degree apart as they rise in the East during the early hours in the constellation of Leo. Mars will be at visual magnitude 1.5 so it should be easy to locate as a bight orange/reddish star. The bright star Regulus (Alpha Leonis) will also be nearby

09 November 2013 - Three Comet Lineup (ISON, lovejoy and Encke)

3 Comet Lineup (ISON, lovejoy and Encke)

Before dawn on the 9th November, we could see a mouth watering lineup of no less than 3 comets in the South Eastern sky comprising of Comet's ISON, Lovejoy and Encke. Along with Jupiter and Mars in the mix, this could bring a nice photographic opportunity

18 November 2013 - Perihelion

Ison Perihelion (closest approach)

Comet Ison will reach perihelion (closest approach) on 28th November. It's unclear just how bright the comet will be at this point and there have been many interesting illustrations on the internet but the truth is, nobody knows. It will be extremely hard to view (not to mention dangerous) as the comet will be very close to the sun in the sky. Astronomers around the world will be watching with their instruments to see how the comet behaves during the passage around the sun, will it break up? will it even survive? Only time will tell

26 December 2013 - Closest approach to Earth

Comet Ison will harmlessly pass closest passage to the Earth at quite a safe distance on Boxing Day 2013. Visible in the constellation of Draco well after sunset, What brightness will the comet be in our skies at this point?

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